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Here we go again...
 As usual, I've slipped up my posting. 2 months and a half again. I would tsk at myself if I were more responsible. :: gets shot :: I'm still writing though, but I've hit a pretty big stumbling block with my current projects.

So here we'll have another story cooked up as I write this post. Those seem to flow at least with some good sense.

BackdraftCollapse )

In the corner of the kitchen...
This is a little older, but I had fun writing it. It's just a story about a plain white bowl and a woman who loves to talk.

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May 30
Last official piece of this challenge! I actually like this one again. It's not as long as the last ones either.

The SlitterCollapse )

May 29
Almost there! Just two more pieces and I'll be done with this challenge~

The Beginning of their LivesCollapse )

May 28
Here's today's. It's almost late, but I left the house today. It's a Sunday, you know~

To You Most HighCollapse )

May 27
Fun little piece. Extremely safe except for people with gruesome imaginations -- in which case, please skip this one and wait for tomorrow's piece.

Ram's Horn BluesCollapse )

May 26
And here's another one -- it's a little depressing if you think about the implications, but if not, it's just a light and easy piece.

Stand By a Bad DayCollapse )

May 25
Why do I seem to write much longer and better pieces when I'm working with the insane? It happens so often, it's not even funny.

Painting the TownCollapse )

May 24
For today, let's do something nice and pretty and light. I'll go back to my usual dead and dreary and depressing stories tonight, since I've just finished a few endings of 999:9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors.

A Beautiful DayCollapse )

May 23
As we're on the topic of memory modification, here's another one from a way different time period. Props go to the people who realize when exactly this is.

Also, please remember that all the abilities in this world are connected to one rather simple premise. I'll reveal that premise at the end of the challenge, as a little reward for all those people who stuck through this.

Anyway, here's the one for today~

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